Our Mission

Pocket CISO strives to bring affordable cybersecurity guidance to a wide audience of start-ups and small businesses. We believe every business owner should understand cybersecurity. We want to help you get your cybersecurity program off the ground.

Image of a Cessna airplane taking off
Headshot of Pocket CISO founder Carlota Sage.

About Carlota

Founder Carlota Sage had nearly twenty years of experience in IT and Support Operations at high-tech enterprises before finding the cybersecurity field.

She began her career in technology in the mid-to-late 1990s, offering to train small business owners in the Cary, NC, and Montgomery, AL, areas on building and maintaining their websites in Dreamweaver in exchange for $500 cash and $500 in store credit. At the time, large tech companies were charging $5000+ for a single webpage.

Carlota went on to information architecture, specializing in the migration of large-scale enterprise content management systems before taking on support websites and help centers for high tech companies such as NETGEAR, Netflix and FireEye (now Trellix).

Since becoming a virtual CISO, she's helped over a dozen 50-150 person organizations build their cybersecurity and compliance programs. With Pocket CISO, Carlota is excited to return to her small business roots by helping sub-50 person organizations understand cybersecurity and compliance better.

Carlota serves on the Board of Directors of the Diana Initiative, a group dedicated to inclusivity in the cybersecurity industry, and as an instructor with GRCIE.org.

Consulting CISOs and partners

Pocket CISO leverages an extensive network of full time CISOs, privacy experts, and proactive/reactive security groups to engage as clients need. We partner with managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSPs), security and compliance product vendors to give our clients the best security options tailored to their specific needs.